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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, find any mistakes on the site... or would like to sell your rare Who records. 

Rather than create an "about page" on this site, I created another website. This is a link to my other collections:

Here are some other good web pages that I visit (in no particular order within each grouping):

Official Who Sites:

Official Who-Related Sites:

  • www.revolutionstudios.co.uk Revolution is where all the Who albums were remixed back to life, giving them their great sound! Check out their new website!

  • ww.sheltalmy.com Shel Talmy (original Who producer) site. Information about the exciting re-release of The Who's first album, "My Generation".

  • www.rabbitwho.com John "Rabbit" Bundrick's site. Everything you wanted to know about Rabbit.

  • www.closetotheedge.biz/ Jon Astley's site. The Who's production and mastering.

Fan Sites:

  • www.whocollection.com Brad Rodgers Who site. Rare collectables, memorabilia, guitars, concert posters, Japanese Who records.

  • www.the-who.net Christian Suchatzki's Who site. Chris is the author of "The Who Complete Discography", which can be ordered from this site.

  • www.thewholive.net Everything you want to know about Who concerts, set lists, etc.

Where To Buy Stuff:

  • www.cvccollect.com  CVC Collectables. Greg Biggs, the owner of CVC, once had the world's largest Who record collection. He's extremely knowledgeable and carries a large inventory of Who records, memorabilia, tourbooks, radio shows, etc. at any given time. If you don't see what you want, e-mail him. Greg's a great guy!  

  • www.audiogon.com  A great place to find used, audiophile stereo equipment. Most people who buy this "stuff" take good care of it, upgrade to something "different" and sell at considerable savings.

  • www.genesis-publications.com/books/maxwho/index.html  Genesis Publications. This is where you can order the "Maximum Who" book.

  • www.hdtracks.com HD Tracks. HD (High Definition) recordings of The Who and Who solo.

Note: I will add to this page as I find additional sites...



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