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"Iron Man" Demo Production Cassette

The above is a "demo production cassette" of "Iron Man". I wasn't quite sure what I was actually getting when I picked this up...
This is a very interesting tape! At first glance - "Fire" is noticeably missing from the track list. This led me to believe that this tape was something special. I guess the best way to describe it is that it is a pre-production version of the album, with different mixes, different performances, different edits, etc. Most notable is Simon Townshend's lead vocal performance on "Dig", extra instrumental parts on "Heavy Metal" and a completely different vocal track on "All Shall Be Well". "Man Machines" is the full version, not the edited version that was released on the album. I was hoping that Pete would be on lead vocals vs. the other, non-Simon guest singers, but  perhaps there's a true demo version of "Iron Man" to be had somewhere. One can only hope...

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