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1988 <Aborted> Box Set - Track Listing
(Note: tracks are in chronological order after "The Real Me" - see below)

The above is a 2 page fax copy from Eel Pie of the tracks from the <proposed> box set. The reason the tracks appear scattered all over the pages, is that they were promotional cassettes, and the cassette cases seem to be thrown on a copy machine. These cassettes were eventually sent to MCA Records and distributed to several of their reps. For whatever reason, MCA rejected the box set and it was never released.

Below are the tracks for sides 1 through 13 as listed and (corrected):

Side 1

I Am The Sea/The Real Me [Kenney Jones alt. version]

I'm The Face

Zoot Suit

Crazy 'bout my Baby (Here 'Tis)

I Can't Explain

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

Anytime You Want Me

Kids Are Alright (The Kids Are Alright)

Side 2


I'm A Boy

My Generation/Land of Hope and Glory

Sodding About

Happy Jack

Boris The Spider

Mini Opera (A Quick One While He's Away)

Cobwebs and Strange

Side 3

So Sad About Us

Pictures Of Lily

Coke 2

Under My Thumb

John Mason Cars

Cold Taxi (Early Morning Cold Taxi)

Girls Eyes

Bag O' Nails

I Can See For Miles


Tatoo (Tattoo)

Track Records

Side 4



Fortune Teller

Magic Bus

Young Man Blues

Shakin' All Over

Side 5


Eyesight To The Blind

Cousin Kevin Model Child

Acid Queen

Pinball Wizard

I'm Free


See Me, Feel Me

Side 6

Behind Blue (Behind Blue Eyes) [alt. version with dialog preceding]

Baby Don't You Do It [edited studio version]

Won't Get Fooled Again

Baba O'Riley

Side 7


My Wife

Goin Mobile (Going Mobile)

Song Is Over (The Song Is Over)

Let's See Action

Side 8

Join Together




Glow Girl

Pure And Easy

Side 9

Punk And The Godfather (The Punk And The Godfather)

Helpless Dancer


Bell Boy

Love Reign O'er Me

Side 10

Life With The Moons

Imagine A Man

University Challenge

Slip Kid

Poetry Cornered

How Many Friends

Come Dancing

Blue Red And Grey

Life With The Moons 2

Otis X Water Melon

Side 11

Squeeze Box

Holiday Camp (Tommy's Holiday Camp) [live]

Who Are You

Sister Disco

Love Is Coming Down

Music Must Change

Side 12

Long Live Rock

I'm One

It's In You


Daily Records

Don't Let Go The Coat

Side 13

You Better You Bet

It's Hard

Cry If You Want

Eminence Front

One Life's Enough

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