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The Who - Who's Last / The Who Live:

UK - 1984 MCA LP

UK - 1984 MCA Cassette

UK - 1985 MCA CD

Issued in both 2 CD and single CD formats

USA - 1984 MCA LP (front cover)

USA - 1984 MCA LP (back cover)

USA - 1984 MCA Cassette

USA - 1985 MCA CD

2 CD set

USA - 1985 MCA CD (Slipcase)

1st pressings were sold with either a long box or slipcase

USA - 1985 MCA CD

Long box packaging (front cover)

USA - 1985 MCA CD

Long box packaging (back cover)

Argentina - 1984 MCA LP (front cover)

Argentina - 1984 MCA LP (back cover)

Titles in Spanish

Argentina - 1991 MCA Cassette

Australia - 1984 MCA LP

Canada - 1984 MCA LP

France - 1991 MCA CD

Single CD - Misleading cover

France - 1991 MCA Cassette

Misleading cover

Germany - 1984 MCA LP

Germany - 1984 MCA Cassette

Germany - 1984 MCA Cassette

Germany - 1988 MCA CD

2 CD Set

Germany - 1990 MCA CD

Single CD - misleading cover

Germany - 1991 MCA CD

Single CD - misleading cover

India - 1992 MCA CD

Indonesia - 1984 Atlantic Cassette

Indonesia - 1984 Rock Line Cassette

Indonesia - 1984 Ego Cassette

Edited track listing

Indonesia - 1984 AM Audio Cassette

Indonesia - 1985 King's Record Cassette

Indonesia - 1991 MCA Cassette

Israel - 1984 MCA LP

Italy - 1984 MCA LP

Italy - 1984 MCA Cassette

2 Cassette set

Japan - 1984 MCA LP

Japan - 1984 MCA Cassette

Japan - 1984 MCA CD

2 CD set

Japan - 1985 MCA CD

2 CD set

Korea - 1984 844 LP

Mexico - 1984 MCA LP (Promo)

Front cover

Mexico - 1984 MCA LP (Promo)

Back cover

Mexico - 1984 MCA LP (Promo)

Front cover

Mexico - 1984 MCA LP (Promo)

Back cover

Mexico - 1984 MCA LP

New Zealand - 1984 MCA LP

Philippines - 1991 MCA/Alpha Cassette

Vol. 1

Poland - 1991 MCA Cassette

Saudi Arabia - 1991 MCA Cassette

Spain - 1984 MCA LP

Spain - 1988 MCA CD

Spain - 1991 MCA CD (Promo)

Spain - 1991 MCA Cassette

Thailand - 1984 MCA Cassette

Thailand - 1984 4-Track Cassette

Thailand - 1990 (no label) Cassette

Thailand - 1990 (no label) Cassette

Turkey - 1991 MCA Cassette

United Arab Emirates - 1984 777 Cassette

Uruguay - 1985 WEA/MCA Cassette (Volume 1)

Uruguay - 1985 WEA/MCA Cassette (Volume 2)

Venezuela - 1991 MCA Cassette

Yugoslavia - 1984 Suzy/MCA LP

Yugoslavia - 1984 Suzy/MCA Cassette (1)

Yugoslavia - 1984 Suzy/MCA Cassette (2)

Album: Who's Last aka The Who Live

LPs (vinyl) Sampled: MCA (UK), MCA (USA)

CDs (original mix) Sampled: "Who's Last": MCA (UK), MCA (USA), MCA (Japan), "The Who Live": MCA (Germany), MCA (France)

LP Comments: The MCA (UK) sounds better than the MCA (USA).

CD (original mix) comments: The MCA (Germany) sounds better than other versions.

Compare for yourself!
Below are 30 second WAV samples of "Boris The Spider" from various pressings of the "Who's Last" and * "The Who Live"  as described above.

1984 USA LP   1984 UK LP   1984 Japan LP   1985 USA CD   1985 UK CD   1985 Japan CD   1988 Germany CD   1990 Germany CD *   1991 France CD *  1991  Germany CD *  1991 Spain CD * 

Note: Sound comparisons are only as good as your ears and the equipment you are listening to the music with.

Summary: The best source for this music is the MCA (Germany) CD.

Other Comments: This album was released after the breakup of The Who. Apparently none of the band members had any interest in it and the results show it as it features what sounds like some of the worst performances of the 1982 Tour. According to producer, Cy Langston (who mixed the album), MCA was not happy with the original mix and insisted he remix the album. As with the remixed live tracks on "It's Hard" (from the last show in North American, 1982) there was a huge improvement in the perceived performance. I believe a remix would significantly help these songs.

The release of the title, "The Who Live" in Germany and France is somewhat deceiving as MCA used pictures of The Who circa 1970's on the cover(s), misleading the potential purchaser as to what they were really getting ...

CD copies of "Who's Last" were issued as a double CD and single CD in the UK. The single CD version(s) have the same track listing as the double CD's, but with shorter track time. Apparently the crowd noise between tracks was trimmed down to make the album fit on one CD.

About: Who's Last (also known as "The Who Live")
The dreaded "Who's Last"...
I believe most if not all of this album comes from the Cleveland, 1982 show. It was supposed to be a completely different album, taking performances from various parts of The Who’s past - but the record company micromanaged the project, killing both the cool album tracks and the original mix. Hence, we are left with something less desirable…

I never really critically figured out what I didn't like about this album - other than "it didn't sound great", "Roger's vocals gave out (like they did in Toronto)" and "Kenney Jones drumming sucks" - well yeah, that's all still true...
However, even with the above, I find one of the biggest issues "clouding" the sound, is the excessive compression used in the mastering. This kind of takes the stereo mix and its distinct parts and pieces and blurs it all up too much. I'm sure that remixing and remastering the album would make it sound 1,000 times better - but then there are still have Roger's vocal issues (which begin with "Baba O'Riley" - early in the concert) and Kenney Jones drumming (which is pretty boring)...
Some of you may not be familiar with "The Who Live". This was the record company's way of "repackaging" "Who's Last" in 1991 - giving it a deceptive cover circa 1970's! Most of these are with the close-up of Roger, but in France they used a full band shot! Oops!

Track Listing: My Generation, I Can't Explain, Substitute, Behind Blue Eyes, Baba O'Riley, Boris The Spider, Who Are You, Pinball Wizard, See Me, Feel Me, Love Reign O'er Me, Long Live Rock, Won't Get Fooled Again, Dr. Jimmy, Magic Bus, Summertime Blues, Twist And Shout



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