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The Who - Who Related Albums Page 6 (2007 - Current):

A&R Sampler - USA - 2007 Universal CD (Promo)

Various artists, includes The Who - "Black Widow's Eyes"

Attic Jam - UK - 2007 Eel Pie iTunes Download

iTunes only download album. Features Rachel Fuller, Simon and Pete Townshend. Rachel performs "Blue", Simon performs "Soul Searching" and Pete performs "Acid Queen", "A Quick One While He's Away" and plays with some of the other artists

In My Room - UK - 2007 MOJO CD

Various artists Beach Boys covers, including "Barbara Ann" performed by The Who

Moodring - Canada - 2007 Jam CD

Third Of Never cover of "Let My Love Open The Door". Rabbit plays on several tracks

Halloween Sing-Along - Canada - 2007 Fisher-Price CD

Includes "goulish" cover of "Boris The Spider"

The Who Jamtrax - UK - 2007 Roadrock CD

Instrumental "learn to play The Who" trax

Dear Mr. Fantasy - USA - 2007 Eagle Rock CD

Various artists. Includes a Pete Townshend performance of "No Face, No Name, No Number"

One Night In New York City - USA - 2007 MP4 CD

Amazing Journey 2 CD live at BB King's with one disc of various Who songs and the other - "Tommy" and "extras"

The Who Covered - France - 2008 Volume CD

Various artists - Free CD with copies of November, 2008 "Volume" Magazine

Summertime Blue - Holland - 2008 Revolver CD (Promo)

Includes Pete Townshend's "Face The Face"

Direct Doet Tommy - Holland - 2008 EMI CD

"Direct Does Tommy" - Dutch language "Tommy" performed by Direct

I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too - Canada - 2008 Maple Music CD

Martha Wainwright album featuring Pete Townshend electric guitar on "You Cheated Me" and "Comin' Tonight"

Nobody Left To Crown - USA - 2008 Verve CD (Promo)

Richie Havens cover of "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Chery Picked Sampler - USA - 2009 Cherry Lane CD (Promo)

Includes The Who's "Real Good Looking Boy"

In The Attic - USA - 2009 Eel Pie CD

With Pete Townshend & Rachel Fuller. Features 1 DVD & 2 CDs.

Tommy - USA - 2009 El Music CD

The Smithereens perform an edited version of "Tommy"

Endangered Species - UK - 2009 Ear Music CD

Tony Ashton & Friends - Including John Entwistle performing: Shake, Rattle & Roll, That's Alright Mama, Roadrunner/My Generation, Mess of Blues (CD & DVD)

Woodstock 40 - Germany - 2009 Rhino CD (Promo)

Includes The Who performing "We're Not Gonna Take It" - Full length version

The Young Messiah - Ireland - 2009 Irish Mail CD

Various artists - live. Roger Daltrey sings "Come Unto Him", "He Was Despised" and sings on various other songs (with other artists)

Fresh Blood - UK - 2009 Atomhenge CD

Steve Swindells CD release of his 1980 LP, featuring original versions of "Bitter & Twisted" and "Don't Wait On The Stairs" performed by Roger Daltrey

The Wheels On The Bus - USA - 2009 Polydor CD

Featuring Roger Daltrey

Various Artists - UK - 2010 Polydor CD (Promo)

Includes The Who, "My Generation"

The Best - Holland - 2011 Imortal CD

Live concert with John Entwistle on bass, including performances of "My Wife", "Too Late The Hero" & "My Wife"

The Route To Quadrophenia - UK - 2011 MOJO CD

Various artists, including Pete Townshend demos of "Cut My Hair" and "Joker James" (included with 12/11 issue of MOJO Magazine)

The Old Grey Whistle Test - UK - 2011 Rhino CD

3CD set of various artists, including The Who performing "Baba O'Riley"

Lys & Love - Germany - 2011 Sony CD

Laurent Voulzy album. Includes Roger Daltrey singing duet on "Ma Seule Amour"

The Lost Albums - UK - 2011 Flicknife CD

Steve Swindells. Includes "Treachery" and "Martyrs & Madmen" which Roger Daltrey covered on "Best Bits". CD2 ("Treachery") features Simon Townshend on guitar...

Tommy - Germany - 2011 Whiterock CD

Live performance by The English Theatre Frankfurt

Letters To America - USA - 2011 JPM CD

John Parr version of "Under A Raging Moon" which he wrote for Roger Daltrey

Meher Baba - USA - 2011 Southwest CD

Billy Nicholls album includes "Heaven Come Quickly" with Pete Townshend on guitar and bass. Also includes Billy's version of "Without Your Love"

Chimes Of Freedom - USA - 2012 Amnesty International CD

2CD set of various artists, including Pete Townshend performing "Corrina, Corrina"

A Symphony Of British Music - UK - 2012 Universal CD

2CD set of various artists, including The Who's closing performance at the 2012 London Olympics, performing "Baba O'Riley", "See Me, Feel Me" & "My Generation

A Symphony Of British Music - UK - 2012 Universal CD (Promo)

2CD set of various artists, including The Who's closing performance at the 2012 London Olympics, performing "Baba O'Riley", "See Me, Feel Me" & "My Generation

Who Are You: An All Star Tribute To The Who - USA - 2012 Cleopatra CD

Various artists cover versions of The Who...

The New Sell Out - USA - 2012 Futureman Records Download

Inovative collection of various artists giving a new and creative spin to "The Who Sell Out" - including extended bonus tracks available at:


Classic Rock - Rock Classics - The Collection - UK - 2012 Union Square Music CD (Promo)

Reissue of "The Second Movement". Features Pete Townshend performing "Pinball Wizard" with The London Symphony Orchestra

Tommy Baron - Spain - 2012 Casadios CD

Baron Rojo heavy metal version of "Tommy" in Spanish. See Who Covers section for sound samples

12 12 12 The Concert For Sandy Relief - USA - 2013 Columbia CD

Various artists including The Who performing "Who Are You", "Baba O'Riley" & "Love Reign O'er Me"

Batteur - France - 2013 Batteur CD

Keith Moon on the cover, no Keith content. Included with January 2013 Magazine

Whole Lotta Who - UK - 2013 Motif CD

Various artists cover versions of The Who... (UK version of 2012 USA "Who Are You" <above> )

A Rock Legend Tribute To The Who - Germany - 2013 Rock Solid House CD

Various artists cover versions of The Who... (Germany version of 2012 USA "Who Are You" <above> )

The Who Beginnings: 1 - UK - 2013 History Of RnB Records CD

Various artists songs that either The Who covered or influenced The Who...

Pete Townshend's Jukebox - UK - 2013 Chrome Dreams CD

Various artists

Piccadilly Sunshine Part 14 - UK - 2013 Particles CD

Various artists including "Join My Gang" 1966 Oscar single written by Pete Townshend

The Athems - UK - 2013 Warner Brothers CD

3CD The Old Grey Whistle Test, Various artists including The Who's BBC peformance of "Long Live Rock"

Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert - Germany - 2014 Angel Air CD

Includes Pete Townshend performing live "Evolution" (listed as "Stone") and "Heart To Hang Onto"

The Art Of McCartney - USA - 2014 Arctic Poppy CD/DVD

Includes Roger Daltrey performing "Helter Skelter". Also incudes DVD "Making of..."

All About The British Beat - Japan - 2014 Warner Brothers CD

Includes The Naturals "It Was You"

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - USA - 2015 Roma CD

Lullaby versions of The Who (songs)

Tommy a Bluegrass Opry - USA - 2015 Compass CD

Hillbenders bluegrass cover of The Who's "Tommy"

Classic Quadrophenia - UK - 2015 Universal CD (Deluxe Edition) (Promo)

Classic Quadrophenia - UK - 2015 Abbey Road LP (Test Pressing)

Classic Quadrophenia - Argentina - 2015 Universal LP

Classic Quadrophenia - China - 2015 Universal CD

Classic Quadrophenia - Germany - 2015 Universal CD

Pete Townshend sings on "Punk Meets The Godfather" and plays guitar on 2 tracks. Autographed by Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller

Classic Quadrophenia - Germany - 2015 Universal CD (Deluxe Edition)

Includes a DVD with the making of "Classic Quadrophenia"

Classic Quadrophenia - Germany - 2015 Universal LP

Classic Quadrophenia - Korea - 2015 Universal CD

Classic Quadrophenia - Poland - 2015 Universal CD

Classic Quadrophenia - Taiwan - 2015 Universal CD

David Courtney Anthology - UK - 2015 Angel Air CD

Includes 11 Roger Daltrey solo tracks

The Who's Tommy - Germany - 2015 Hit Squad CD

Live performance from the Landestheater Linz in German

Rare 60's Beat Treasures Vol 10 - Hungary - 2015 Gone Beat CD

Includes Barron Knights cover of Pete Townshend's "Lazy Fat People"

The Time Machine - UK - 2015 Columbia CD

Includes Pete Townshend lead vocals on "Tavelator (Part 2)"

Best Of Days - UK - 2015 Angel Air CD

Steve Ellis album featuring Roger Daltrey playing harmonica on "Nu Clear Blues" and "Yellow Rose Of Texas"

Male - Australia - 2015 Sony CD

Includes Natalie Imbruglia cover of "Let My Love Open The Door"

Hollywood Vampires - USA - 2015 Republic CD

Includes Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper, Jonny Depp, et al) cover of "My Generation"

Jon Savage's 1966 - UK - 2015 Ace CD

Various artists, includiing The Who's "Substitute" and "I'm A Boy"

Roger Daltrey CBE: MITS Award 2016 - UK - 2016 Universal CD (Promo)

Various artists, including Keith Moon's "Don't Worry Baby" and Roger Daltrey's "Keep It To Myself" & "Days Of Light" (Live in AZ, 2010)

The Many Faces Of The Who - Mexico - 2016 Music Brokers CD

3 CDs. Various artists of previous released covers and Who related songs

Gas Tank - UK - 2016 RRAW CD

3 CD Various Artists. Includes John Entwistle performing "Twist & Shout" and "Go America"

Making Time - UK - 2017 Ace CD

Various artists produced by Shel Talmy. Includes The Who 2002 stereo mix of "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" and the 1964 version of "Bald Headed Woman" by The Sneekers

The Songs Behind The Legends: The Who - UK - 2017 Acrobat CD

Various artists performing original songs The Who covered or were influenced by, including: Daddy Rolling Stone, Begin The Beguine, I Got Love If You Want It, Summertime Blues, Sharkin' All Over, Roadrunner, Spoonful, Shout & Shimmy, Fortune Teller

Tony Ashton & Friends: Live At Abbey Road - USA - 2017 Gonzo CD/DVD

2CDs & DVD. Various artists including John Entwistle, Zak Starkey and Rabbit, performing on "Shake, Rattle & Roll", "That's Alright Mama", "Roadrunner/My Generation", Mess Of Blues"

Animal Requiem - UK - 2019 Wistle CD

Rachel Fuller (Mrs. Pete Townshend)

Stranger Things- USA - 2019 Netflix CD

Includes the ConfidentialMX mix of "Baba O'Riley"

Carfest - UK - 2021 Brand Events LP

Roger Daltrey performs Who Are You, Substitute, My Generation and Baba O'Riley

Carfest - UK - 2021 Brand Events CD

Roger Daltrey performs Who Are You, Substitute, My Generation and Baba O'Riley

Mick Fleetwood & Friends Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green And The Early Years Of Fleetwood Mac - USA - 2021 BMG CD

Pete Townshend performs "Station Man" (live)

Who Sings The Who By 60's Garage Bands - Japan - 2021 OLDAYS CD

With OBI. Includes 34 Who covers by various bands

Who Sings The Who By 60's Garage Bands - Japan - 2021 OLDAYS CD

Includes 34 Who covers by various bands

Paul Nicholas Gold - UK - 2021 Crimson CD

Includes 1966 <Oscar> "Join My Gang" (written by Pete Townshend) and "Cousin Kevin" ("Tommy" Soundtrack)

Jem Records Celebrates Pete Townshend - USA - 2022 JEM CD

Includes 14 Who/Pete Townshend covers by various bands

Born To Be Wild - USA - 2023 Cleopatra CD

Ann Margret album of cover songs. Pete Townshend plays guitar on "Bye Bye Love"

Jack Green 1983/86 - France - 2024 Vinyl Reissues CD

Includes both Jack Green's original "Walking In My Sleep" and Roger Daltrey's cover from "Parting Should Be Painless"

Emerge, Return - UK - 2024 Band Camp CD

The Bookshop Band. Produced by Pete Townshend. Pete also plays different instruments (i.e. bass, percussion, guitar(s), synthesizer) on each of the tracks

Emerge, Return - UK - 2024 Band Camp CD (Back Cover)

The Bookshop Band. Produced by Pete Townshend. Pete also plays different instruments (i.e. bass, percussion, guitar(s), synthesizer) on each of the tracks



About: 12-12-12 (The Concert for Sandy Relief)

As most of you know (recent history), NY & NJ were battered by a horrible hurricane (named "Sandy") and a whole bunch of musicians donated their time to do this great concert to raise $$$ for "hurricane relief".

As to nobody's surprise, The Who put on the best show of the performers who played...

This CD (and future DVD) is also to help raise funds...

The Who set list was comprised of:

Who Are You
Bell Boy
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me
Baba O'Riley
Love Reign O'er Me
Tea And Theatre

But on this CD, they only included:

Who Are You
Baba O'Riley
Love Reign O'er Me

I was disappointed "Bell Boy" didn't make it. It was "thematically" correct for the event and a great performance - but for those fans of CSI... :)

I always find "the mix" fascinating. You've heard me complain about Bobby Pridden's "bad" mixes and Andy Macpherson's "great" mixes and sometimes mixes that "don't make any sense to me" (which could have a complicated background, etc...)

But what is actually fairly interesting is what happens when a "non-Who camp" person mixes a Who performance? What do they do differently to "capture" The Who live sound (or not)?

"12-12-12" was very well recorded, with the exceptions of THE DRUMS. What is it about drums that either folks just can't record properly or that they can't mix properly?

This should be EASY to figure out. You have microphones (old technology) and drums (even older technology). Why are so many drum performances recorded and/or mixed TERRIBLE?

Remember some of the early 60's Who recordings where Keith Moon make sounds like someone is spanking his behind?

OK, that's my point. Why make a drum sound any different than a drum? Or why not record 100% of the drum sound vs. just the top of the snare?

On The "12-12-12" CD, we have that going on.

The guitar/bass/synthesizers/keyboards/whatever all sound GREAT. You have a sense of a "concert hall" (or MSG in this case) - very well recorded and nicely mixed.

But, where as they could have moved the vocals a bit higher in the mix (they don't sound buried, but they also are lower in volume than what was actually coming out of the PA Speakers at MSG).

The drum sound is just awful. The drums at MSG were loud and clear. What we have here is a "toy" drum kit that's sort of there. Everything else is recorded with excellence - great sounding recording, Roger a bit too low in the mix and crappy drums (recorded that way or mixed that way - take your pick).


Just to see if they did this only to Zak, I checked out Billy Joel (who followed The Who on the CD). As some of you *might* know, Billy Joel's
The Stranger was the first LP I ever bought! I LOVED Billy Joel before I discovered The Who (and then of course Billy went too commercial for my tastes).

Anyway, the drums for Billy Joel didn't sound any better. The recording? Maybe? The Mix? Maybe? Why? Who knows...

Great 3 Who song CD otherwise...



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