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The Who - Who Related Albums - Page 4 (1995 - 1999):

Dream Jungle - UK - 1995 Red Steel CD

Rabbit album

Looks Like Ringo Sounds Like John - Canada - 1995 Joe Radio CD

With John Entwistle on bass and Zak Starkey on drums

The Complete Rocking Vickers Collection - UK - 1995 RPM CD

Includes "It's Alright". Modified cover version of "The Kids Are Alright". Produced by Shel Talmy

Unelectric - USA - 1995 Warner Brothers CD

Includes Pete Townshend performance of "Pinball Wizard" from 1986 "Deep End" concert

The Atlantic Group Release 10 1995 - USA - 1995 Atlantic CD (Promo)

Includes Pete Townshend's "Rough Boys", "Let My Love Open The Door" & "Uneasy Street" samples. Various artists with DJ intro to promote new music to radio stations

His Masters Choice - UK - 1995 Sequel CD

The Fabulous Poodles. 8/21 tracks produced by John Entwistle. John also plays bass on "Workshy"

The Awakening Chronicles - USA - 1996 Wedge CD (Autographed by Raphael Rudd)

Raphael Rudd double CD. Pete Townshend performs backing vocals on "The Awakening", wrote liner notes and produced several songs

The Wizard Of Oz In Concert - 1996 USA Rhino CD

Features Roger Daltrey as The Tin Man, performing, "If I Only Had A Heart"

Friends of the British Opera Tommy - Germany - 1996 Music Media CD

Extra, Overture, Pinball Wizard, Go To The Mirror, Tommy Can You Hear Me, Pinball Wizard II

Quadrophenia 1996 - Japan - 1996 Flavour CD

Various Artists: 5:15, I'm One, Four Faces, The Real Me, Bell Boy, The Punk And The Godfather, Doctor Jimmy, The Dirty Jobs, Is It In My Head?, Drowned, Joker James, Get Out And Stay Out, Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, Zoot Suit

The Best Of Film Parade - Italy - 1996 Polydor CD

Includes "Pinball Wizard" (Elton John) and "The Kids Are Alright"

The Faces All Shapes & Sizes Family Album - UK - 1996 Connoisseur CD

Includes Kenney Jones' solo single, "Ready Or Not" and The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" (live 1989 from "Join Together")

New Mansions In Sound - USA - 1996 Sub Pop CD

Fastbacks cover of "Girl's Eyes"

Baptizm Of Fire - USA - 1997 Atlantic CD

Glenn Tipton album with John Entwistle performing bass on "The Healer"

Ringo Starr And His Third All-Starr Band - USA -1997 Blockbuster CD

John Entwistle plays bass on all tracks and sings on "Boris The Spider"

The Mick Ronson Memorial Concert - UK - 1997 Citidel CD

Features Roger Daltrey & Simon Townshend on "Baba O'Riley" and "Summertime Blues"

Whodunnit Chicago Knows Who - USA - 1997 No Cigar CD

Various artists Who cover songs

Highlights From Tommy - EEC - 1997 Double Play CD

Cover versions of "Tommy" songs

Symphonic Rock - The British Invasion Volume 1 - USA - 1997 Telarc CD

Reissue of "The Second Movement". London Symphony Orchestra various artists with Pete Townshend vocals on "Pinball Wizard"

The Ultimate Rock Collection: 1964 - 1970 - USA - 1997 BMG CD

Includes The Who "Pinball Wizard"

Ready Steady Go! The Number One Sixties Album - UK - 1997 Peacock CD

Includes mono studio version of "My Generation"

Devil's Children #1- Australia - 1997 Time Machine CD

Includes Chaos & Co cover of "It Was You", Purple Hearts version of "Here 'Tis" & Vacant Lot version of "Leaving Here"

An FM Audition - USA - 1998 Rally III Promo CD

With Simon Townshend performing, "Too Far"

Best Of The Best - USA - 1998 KBFH CD

With remixed "Won't Get Fooled Again" from 1973 Philadelphia Who performance (cover is actually silver, not black)

Philharmania - Germany - 1998 Stella CD

Roger Daltrey sings lead vocals on "The Boys Of Summer"

Who's Serious - USA - 1998 RCA CD

London Philharmonic Orchestra. Orchestrated Who cover songs w/Simon Townshend

Who's Serious - Japan - 1998 BMG/RCA CD

London Philharmonic Orchestra. Orchestrated Who cover songs w/Simon Townshend

The Twilight Hour - UK - 1998 K-Tel CD

Includes 13 minute "story" read by Roger Daltrey

Winterland - USA - 1998 EastWest CD

Pete Townshend's daughter, Emma, debut CD

Los Mas Grandes del Rock - Argentina - 1998 Polygram CD (Promo)

Includes The Who's "The Kids Are Alright"

Humanary Stew - A Tribute To Alice Cooper - USA - 1999 Triage CD

Includes Roger Daltrey singing lead vocals on, "No More Mister Nice Guy"

The Collector's Guide To Rare British Birds - UK - 1999 Deram CD

Includes 2 different cover versions of The Who song, "Run, Run, Run" (recorded circa 1966)

Psychotic Reaction The Very Best of Count Five - USA - 1999 Collectables CD

1966 cover versions of "My Generation" & "Out In The Street"

Lord Sitar - France - 1999 Zonophone CD

1968 instrumental cover version of "I Can See For Miles"

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