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The Who - Remastered:

Here's a guide of step-by-step instructions on how to "remaster" music you've purchased that... (doesn't sound quite right from the factory...)

Who - 2019 UK CD (The Who) Pete Townshend Lifehouse Box Real Good Looking Boy / Old Red Wine - 2004 UK 45 The Who - Face Dances - 2021 Record Store Day (RSD) LP The Who - A Quick One - 2002 USA CD

Overview: Sometimes music get screwed up between the mixing desk and the record and/or CD stamper. As a fan, you look forward to your latest purchase and the next thing you know, you bought a coaster (something that looks like a record or CD, but can't be used as one because it sounds horrid). One can rightfully argue that there should be better quality control (to prevent these things from happening in the first place), but this has gone on for over 20 years (so I'm guessing that point's moot). However, in the wake of frustration, there is sometimes an opportunity to learn some new skills and find solutions to otherwise hopeless situations. To that end, l decided to take this beautiful music and make it listenable. You can too!

Please note that some of these fixes are "perfection" (i.e. 100% restoration), while others are a "compromise" (it sounds a lot better and it's vey enjoyable, but not perfect). Good luck and happy listening!

Page 1..........Who (2019) / Who Deluxe (w/Live At Kingston 2020)

Page 2..........Lifehouse Chronicles (2000)

Page 3..........Real Good Looking Boy / Old Red Wine (from Then And Now 2004)

Page 4..........Face Dances (2021 Record Store Day LP)

Page 5..........A Quick One (2002/3 Stereo Version CD)

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