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The Who - Face Dances:

UK - 1981 Polydor LP

UK - 1981 Polydor Cassette

UK - 1981 Polydor LP (Promo)

"Filling In The Gaps" - Face Dances Interview LP

UK - 1981 Polydor LP (Promo)

Limited Edition (250 Copies) Special Presentation Edition box. Comes with LP, and information about the artists who created the <"Face Dances"> cover

USA - 1981 Warner Brothers LP

Promo pressed on Quiex II vinyl

USA - 1981 Warner Brothers LP (Promo)

Mockup artwork for "Filling In The Gaps" - Face Dances Interview LP

USA - 1981 Warner Brothers LP (Promo)

"Filling In The Gaps" - Face Dances Interview LP

USA - 1981 Warner Brothers LP (Promo)

"Filling In The Gaps" - Face Dances Interview LP

USA - 1981 Warner Brothers Reel-To-Reel

USA - 1981 Warner Brothers 8-Track (label face)

USA - 1981 Warner Brothers LP

Columbia Record Club version

USA - 1981 Warner Brothers Cassette

RCA Record Club version

USA - 1983 MFSL LP

LP is actually made in Japan - Excellent pressing

USA - 1985 Warner Brothers CD

USA - 1985 MCA LP

USA - 1985 MCA Cassette

USA - 1989 MCA CD

USA - 1997 MCA CD

Remixed and remastered

USA - 2015 Geffen LP

USA - 2015 Quality LP (Test Pressing)

Australia - 1981 Polydor LP

Austria - 1981 Polydor LP

Brazil - 1981 Polydor LP

Has thin white border along the top saying "The Who" and "Face Dances"

Canada - 1981 Warner Brothers LP

Colombia - 1981 Polydor LP

Ecuador - 1981 Polydor LP

France - 1981 Polydor LP

France - 1981 Polydor Cassette

Germany - 1981 Polydor LP

Germany - 1997 Polydor CD

Remixed and remastered

Greece - 1981 Polydor LP

No title on front cover

Greece - 1981 Polydor Cassette

Holland - 1981 Polydor LP

Hong Kong - 1981 Polydor LP

Hong Kong - 1981 Polydor Cassette

Indonesia - 1981 Contessa Cassette

(With tracks from "Who Are You")

Indonesia - 1981 Contessa Cassette

(With tracks from "Who Are You")

Indonesia - 1981 US Studio Cassette

Ireland - 1981 Polydor LP

Ireland - 1981 Polydor Cassette (front)

Ireland - 1981 Polydor LP (label)

Note: "Face Dancers"

Israel - 1981 Polydor LP (front cover)

Israel - 1981 Polydor LP (back cover)

Italy - 1981 RCA LP

Japan - 1981 CBS/Sony LP

Japan - 1996 Polydor CD

Original mix

Japan - 1999 Polydor CD

Remixed/Remastered. Mini-LP cover

Japan - 2011 Polydor CD

SHMCD. Mini-LP cover. Studio tracks are original mix.

Japan - 2013 Polydor CD

1997 mix & mastering. SHMCD

Korea - 1981 Polydor LP (Promo)

Korea - 1981 Polydor Cassette

Korea - 1981 Life LP

Korea - 1981 SH LP

Mexico - 1981 Polydor LP

Titles in Spanish & English

Mexico - 1981 Polydor LP (Promo) (front cover)

Mexico - 1981 Polydor LP (Promo) (back cover)

New Zealand - 1981 Polydor LP

New Zealand - 1981 Polydor Cassette

Norway - 1981 Polydor LP

Vinyl pressed in Germany

Philippines - 1981 Polydor LP

Portugal - 1981 Polydor LP

Saudi Arabia - 1981 Foot Print Cassette

Saudi Arabia - 1981 IMD Cassette

Saudi Arabia - 1981 747 Cassette

Saudi Arabia - 1981 GMR Cassette

South Africa - 1981 Polydor LP

Spain - 1981 Polydor LP

Spain - 1981 Polydor Cassette

Taiwan - 1981 JLB LP

Thailand - 1981 Peackock Cassette

Yugoslavia - 1981 RTB LP

Yugoslavia - 1981 RTB Cassette

Mistakes in titles: "Did You Steal The Money", "Dayly Records"

Zimbabwe - 1981 Polydor LP

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Album: Face Dances

LPs (vinyl) Sampled: Polydor (UK), Warner Brothers (USA), Warner Brothers promo copy pressed on Quiex II vinyl (USA), MFSL (USA), Sony (Japan)

CDs (original mix) Sampled: Polydor (Germany), Warner Brothers (USA), Polydor (Japan)

CDs (remix) Sampled: Polydor (Germany), MCA-1st issue (USA), MCA-2nd issue (USA) *, Polydor (Japan)

LP Comments: MFSL manufactured this one in Japan and it's perfect in every detail. The other versions (above) all sound fine with various minor differences.

Note: MCA subsequently released this (on both vinyl and CD), after the Who deal with Warner Brothers fell apart. I have not listened to either one of these at this time.

CD (original mix) comments: The Warner Brothers (USA) sounds slightly better than the Polydor (Germany) copy. The Polydor (Japan) copy isn't as full-ranged or clear sounding as the other two.

CD (remix) comments: Both the Polydor (Germany) and MCA (USA) sound identical. * (The harshness problems associated with the several MCA CDs that preceded this release are not evident here.) The Polydor (Japan) has extra bass in the mastering, which detracts from the above.

Summary: If you prefer the original mix, your first choice should be the MFSL LP, followed by the Warner Brothers CD. If you prefer the remix (and its nice bonus track selection), the 2nd issue * MCA (USA) CD is the preferred choice.

Other Comments: * When "Face Dances" was originally reissued, there was a digital glitch on the bonus track, "It's In You", that sounds like a skip. As soon as MCA was notified, it immediately corrected all subsequent manufactured CDs and offered replacements to whoever wanted one. To date, Polydor has not corrected their CDs (Germany or Japan), although Jon Astley said that he gave them a new master in 12/99. Most likely this album is a slow seller in Europe and Japan. When and if it goes into another production run, the "fixed" version should make it out there.

About: Face Dances

I recall when I bought this album on the day it came out. I had a new Saab (which of course turned into a "Saab Story" - they all seemed to) and the Saab came with only front stereo speakers - and you had to install your own rear speakers in the back deck (which I did shortly thereafter)...

So driving along in my blue Saab - I was thinking the whole time - wow! What a great album! This was the first Who album of new material that I heard since becoming a fan late in 1978... (Dumb kid - what did I know)

As I learned more about the band over the years and in 1982 started seriously collecting (from 17 Who records in the summer of 1982 to over 100 by year end...), I quickly began to realize how "flawed" this album was.

It isn't Pete's writing (which was actually very good), it isn't the style (The Who imitating The Police??? Did Sting leave that much of an impression on Pete during the Quad Movie filming???)
Was it the drumming? (Sure - any chance to slag Kenney Jones - why not!)
No... It was the production.

I think Pete may have been reading a Superman comic book and wanted the magic of
Mr. Mxyzptlk. But somehow he got confused and instead hired Bill Szymczyk. Same person??? No (but you can see the honest mistake in confusing their names).

I don't know what these these "producers" are thinking half the time. The first thing I learned in college was the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). From what I understand, Bill is a "legendary" producer, but he wasn't right for The Who at this time...

The sound quality of the recording is great - and the remix is far better than the original - but - where the hell is Pete??? The guitar(s) are mostly absent from this album. Great vocals from Roger, some nice drum sounds, keyboards, John's bass in the distance and Pete occasionally shows up to add little guitar parts (in the middle of "Don't Let Go The Coat" Pete has a guest appearance).

How does this make any sense?

Stories came out afterwards of Kenney Jones complaining that only half his drum kit were mic'd - which may have been true - but then you think... if that were actually true - Kenney, weren't you there??? How did you fail to notice this during the recording???

It's easy to blame someone else. But the truth is, if anyone paid attention (not the first trip to the studio for these folks) they would have insisted it be different, fire the producer, etc. This isn't rocket science (but it always seems to be). For whatever reason, the recording of "It's In You" has a much better bass sound (and some guitar).

Oh well...

As for the music...

My favorite tracks in the album are...

* You Better You Bet (I actually prefer the demo with the rolling piano better!)
* Don't Let Go The Coat (it's a nice song)
* Did You Steal My Money (it's a fun song and I like the vocals effects)
* Daily Records (one of my hobbies - great song)
* You (great "break up" song, isn't it?)
* Another Tricky Day (isn't it always?)
* It's In You (a really great song *)

* When the remix was released - I played it and noticed immediately a digital glitch on this song. It was just like an old fashion record needle skip and the song did a quick repeat of a previous section. Apparently
Bob Ludwig who mastered the album didn't notice! So I called up a friend at MCA and he had Bob fix his error and immediately corrected it in production. The nice fellow at MCA was gracious enough to offer replacement CDs to anyone who was unhappy with the glitch.
Polydor never fixed their copies!

Track Listing:

Original Mix: You Better You Bet, Don't Let Go The Coat, Cache Cache, The Quiet One, Did You Steal My Money, How Can You Do It Alone?, Daily Records, You, Another Tricky Day

Remix: You Better You Bet, Don't Let Go The Coat, Cache, Cache, The Quiet One, Did You Steal My Money, How Can You Do It Alone?, Daily Records, You, Another Tricky Day, I Like Nightmares, It's In You, Somebody Saved Me, How Can You Do It Alone (live in 1979), The Quiet One (live in 1982)



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